Operating rules

dear guests,

welcome to the cottage Kotar and let us introduce you to its operating rules

Log-in and log-out:

  • Unless otherwise agreed, log-in accommodation is possible between 4.00 p.m. and 7.00 p.m..
  • Upon arrival, the guests will present their valid ID cards or the passports.
  • Up to 6 people, including children, can be accommodated in the cottage.
  • To park your vehicles, please use the reserved area - the paved area on the right side of the cottage.
  • The guest provide the check of the the integrity of all cottage equipment, please any defects immediately report to the landlord. Later complaints will not be taken into account and the damages  will be charged to the guest.
  • At the beginning of the rental, the guest deposits a deposit of CZK 3,000 / EUR 150,00 in cash to the landlord. This deposit will be refunded at the end of the stay in full if there is no damage or loss of equipment.
  • If the keys are lost from the property, the Lessor retains a portion of the deposit of CZK 1,000.00 / EUR 40.00 as compensation for damages.
  • The day of departure ends at 11.00 a.m., unless agreed otherwise.
  • We ask our guests to see if the water is shut down everywhere, the electrical and gas appliances shut down, all the windows and the locked door are closed when leaving the cottage.

Rules of stay in a cottage

  • In all indoor areas of your cottage use home shoes. Leave the outdoor walking shoes in the lobby.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • The guest only uses the cottage for an agreed period of time and hands it back to the landlord in perfect condition.
  • In the event of a breakdown or damage, notify the landlord by telephone without delay.
  • Without the permission of the landlord, no furniture or any other facility except the chairs can be moved.
  • Any interference with the power supply or appliances is not allowed.
  • No household electrical appliances, except for personal hygiene appliances or baby monitors, should be used in the cottage. Radios or other players, only in agreement with the landlord.
  • The cottage is non-smoking. Smoking is only possible outside. Please place dumplings in the ashtray. It is forbidden to play them on the ground. No smoking applies to smoking in the boiler room.
  • In the whole building, with regard to fire safety, there is a strict prohibition on the handling of any fire. In the boiler room, please keep your order in order to prevent any fire. Keep the evacuation paths tidy and passable.
  • In the outdoor areas, please respect the boundary of the private part.
  • Do not challenge the sheep in the summer months. Sheep are allowed to feed only pastries and apples.
  • Observe cleanliness and order throughout the cottage and outdoors. It is forbidden to use fireworks.
  • With respect to your neighbors, keep in mind nighttime quiet from 11:00 p.m to 7:00 a.m.
  • The waste is classified as glass, paper, plastics and communal waste (collector vessels in the boiler room), bio-waste (compost in the garden)
  • In case of suspected non-observance of the accommodation rules, the lessor is entitled to carry out an inspection of the building and in case of gross violation of the Operational Rules (fire protection, damage to property, etc.) immediately cancel the stay of the guest.


  • For money, jewels and other valuables, the guest guarantees himself.
  • The landlord is not responsible for the health of the occupants during normal operation.
  • Everyone present is obliged to immediately report the risk of a fire, a situation requiring police intervention or medical treatment, and within their capabilities to do everything possible to prevent the spread of the fire or to avert the imminent danger.
  • Accommodation guests have an obligation to familiarize themselves with the operating rules of the cottage at the beginning of the stay.

Important phone numbers:

European emergency number:112
First aid - medic: 155
Firemen: 150
Police: 158
Owner - Ing. Ivana Slámečková: +420 602 568 292

We wish you a pleasant stay 



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