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Zlín Zoo is about 10 kms far from the center of Zlín. The first zoo in Zlín was founded by Tomáš Baťa on May 1, 1930. At first it was in the park at the Zlín Chateau and in 1934 it was moved to the top of the "Tlustá hora", where it was until the middle of World War II (and where you can till today find the concrete fondations of the animal cages).

Today, the zoo breeds more than 200 species of animals, including African elephants or rhinoceros. The special feature of the Zoo is also the direct entrance of the visitors to the exhibition of ostrich emu and kangaroo or the newly opened "rays bay". Part of the grounds is the Botanical Garden, the latest exhibition of which is the Yucatan tropical hall.

Zoo Zlín is the most visited tourist destination in Moravia.



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