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Welcome to Chalupa Kotár (Kotar Cottage) - a modern and comfortable way to spend your holiday in the middle of a virgin preserved nature.

The cottage was reconstructed from the originally farmhouse from the turn of the 19th and 20th century in 2013 and is characterized by high comfort and modern facilities to its visitors. The area is situated in the north-eastern part of the mountain village Haluzice at an altitude of 506 m.a.s.l ..

History of the village:

Haluzice is a small village located at the northern part of the White Carpathian area, near the the border of Vizovské vrchy. The first mention of the village dates from 1261, when it is mentioned as part of the Vizovice estate. During the 15th and 16th centuries, the village is reported as desolate in chronicles. Haluzice was newly settled at the end of the 16th century. In the village you can find a monumentally timbered bell tower. A red tourist way passes through the village and at the western edge of the village is the starting point for the green tourist way. On the western part of Haluzice leads the marked route of the long-distance cycle path, called the Beskydy-Carpathian highway.

Our vision:

We want to offer high quality accommodation under fair conditions for all, those are interested in a comfortable alternative to ecotourism. Location of Kotar cottage provides an unforgettable view of the massif of Vizovické Hills with dominant Klášťov hill (the highest peak of Vizovické vrchy 753 m.a.s.l., known for its rich history from the Bronze Age to the settlement of the Great Moravian Empire and Doubrava hill(672 m above sea level, known for 33.5 m high viewing tower built in 2004).

The area of a cottage with an large garden is situated in a quiet part of the village, the concept of the residential garden opens towards the unforgettable panorama of the Moravian Carpathians - the Vizovské Hills and the Luhačovice Highlands.

Family holiday:

An ideal opportunity for families with children looking for peace and relaxation from the hustle and bustle of the day. The whole area is designed to be fully utilized including children-adapted  garden. Equipment of the Cottage KOTÁR is baby friendly and counts with the smallest visitors (baby cots, children's chairs, changing table, children's attractions in the garden). Enjoy seasonal garden and orchard gifts or try a pet care at our small farm. The richness of surrounding forests on mushrooms and berries is just legendary.

Active holiday:

Cycling, saddle horses, walking or cross-country skiing discovers the beauty of the Moravian Carpathians. The visitor has the opportunity to choose the right activity according to the season - there are several ski slopes in the near area and there are also several cross-country ski runs maintained in the winter. On the other hand, try well-marked tourist ways in the area, cycling or horseback riding to explore the charm of nature.  We will be happy to store your own or rent you sport equipment if you do not have your own equipment.

Ekotouristic holiday: 

Responsible traveling trough remote natural or protected natural areas that does not disturbes the local environment and contributes to the well-being of visitors and locals. Cottage KOTÁR was reconstructed and it is operated with a regard to active protecting nature and low CO2 track,  so that the visitor is not restricted in the comfort:

- building energy efficiency label = category C

- to flush toilets there is used rainwater from an underground reservoir

- a combined system of heat exchangers and a wood-gas boiler is used for heating

- only energy-saving light sources are used for lighting

- domestic appliances installed inside - only with A or AA classifications

- a sewage-treatment-plant based on biological membrane technology is used to treat sewage water, sewage is then discharged into sewage water quality





Welcome on the web-site of the KOTAR cottage - modern and comfort way of vacation in the middle of virgin nature


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